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Saturday, December 01, 2001  

Short post again 'cause Lizzie and Chessie are bugging me about it. I actually have nothing to say except I really wanna go to this concert tonight, and I can't find a ride as of yet. I'm still trying to get the car, but I don't think it's gonna happen. James would have taken me, but he's gotta close tonight. Damn McDonald's! Oh well...I guess I can forgive them 'cause they have those really yummy chocolate banana milkshakes that I love. I'm going to be putting up a new fic by Starla and some more of Midnight Echo's In a Not Too Distant Future later...I hope. Or it might get shifted so I do it next week sometime. Um...I'll see if I can write more later.


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Friday, November 30, 2001  

:) Hello everybody. I am so busy trying to write my stories that I don't have much to write here today except that I want to tell everyone that I got an A on my Chemistry test. I might put more up here tonight, and I didn't see James, so I don't have much to add except that all the Seniors at my school are nuts. But most are very nice, nicer to me than most of the Juniors and ect. Tah Tah.


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Thursday, November 29, 2001  

I know this is probably a weird thing, but you all will learn I babble about my friends a lot, especially James at the moment. Today we were talking about cars so old that you could turn them on with a screwdriver, and he just out of the blue said: "Oh yeah, well if I take off my clothes, my car turns right on." God, it took me a very long time to stop laughing after that. He makes random comments all day long that tend to make me extremely happy. Which gives me a buzz that can last for several days at a time. Short post this afternoon, I'll aim for either more later or something longer tomorrow night.


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Wednesday, November 28, 2001  

Sigh...today started out okay...the car was warm and toasty and I nearly fell asleep on the way to school this morning. Then when I got home, my brother was being a complete dick. He wouldn't get off the damn computer so I could work on my stuff. I WAS, or excuse me HAD BEEN still floating and happy from the uber sweet compliment that James gave me yesterday. Which is fine I guess, 'cause I see him again tomorrow, and I'll be able to bask in happiness again.

Note to anyone...if you find yourself discussing communal group personal space with a friend, you know you're in a good relationship with them. TRUE! Liz and I were talking about how we don't like people invading our personal space 'cept for a certain group of people. Which was neat, 'cause she could totally understand why an ex was driving me nuts because of that.

No site updates today, I'm not in the mood any more. They'll most likely bottom out and start coming every two weeks, when my brat siblings are at other parents' houses. I'm the only one that doesn't go anymore.

I've got a Chem AND a Spanish test on Friday, which means I've gotta study 'cause I'm not a real whiz at those subjects. Trig is another one that i hate, and will most likely never understand.

I loved Buffy last night except for the parts about Willow, hell I don't even like her at all. It's not Willow's little lesbian freak out hour, it BUFFY the Vampire Slayer. The whole thing with Spike was sad, I felt so sorry for him. Oh wells, I've got to go again. I'll try to write again tommorrow. My school's fire walls don't allow for Blogger, so I've been doing it at home.



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Tuesday, November 27, 2001  

Hey all! I had a much better day today...thank God. I got a really nice compliment from a person whom I thought didn't like me very much. He said that women shouldn't have vocal cords except for me. Which is really kinda sexist and sweet at the same time because and his equally monoslavic friend said that they considered me a friend. Of course, he also ruined my copy of American Pie, and is kinda looking not to be murdered. He won't be...but that's beside the point. He said he was gonna buy me a new one for X-mas...see? Sweet.

I haven't gotten the button from Timma yet, but prepare to be dazzeled by his site, which he wants me to redesign whenever I have the time.

Got to go, need to set my VCR for this Buffy episode that everybody's all in an uproar about. I don't see the problem with Spike, he's pretty damn sexy. Now the baby thing on Angel is still extremely weird, and we'll have to see if they make that a plausable story line or if it'll just be as dumb as when they were doing the whole Dawn is a klepto thing that we haven't found out about yet.


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Monday, November 26, 2001  

I finally got the next part of In A Not too Distant Future... from Midnight Echo, and I should have that up in the next updating schedule. My friend Timma is going to be my sister site, his is called Archenema and is really neat. I'm looking for more people to sign my guestbook, I've got three of them now, and I'd appriciate more feedback.

I went to dinner at McDonald's with my father and brother and got to run into a good friend of mine named James. He's a kinda funny person who always makes me laugh...kinda like my favorite people from frosh year. Oooh...I got a copy of The Princess Bride as an early X-mas present from a friend at my school, 'cause she knew it was my favorite.

Oh! Calling for any and all people willing to affiliate with my site! Send me an e-mail with your URL, site name, and a 100x35 button that can either be static or animated. I don't care which.

Okay, goodnight everyone, I'll talk to ya later!


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Today sucked in the totally biggest way. First of all, I was pulling an all nighter to get some stuff done, when I fell asleep for a crucial 30minutes, waking up at 5am absolutely starving for in my madness, I'd forgotten to eat dinner. Did I mention I'm getting over Bronchitis, and feel like a pile of dog poo? Okay, so at about 6:30, I got up and made some Peaches & Cream oatmeal, thank God for Quaker's Instant. Then I got dressed and had to wait nearly an hour for my ride to get her. Turns out my usual bus driver was still gone on vaca, and some old geezer who doesn't know where the damn gas pedal is was filling in. So, getting back to school late, I didn't have time to do anything, let alone finish my fuckin' Trig homework.

Getting only about 30min of sleep, I kinda kept falling asleep during classes when I shouldn't have. During Spanish the Prof woke me up with a stick slamming onto my desk...God was that embarrassing. Then I had to suffer through some of the most infuriating hours of English I've ever met. That Prof is so abstract it could drive even Angel and Giles crazy.

Then, the same only POS fogie that drove me to school made me nearly an hour late getting home. I'm sick, I'm tired, and I feel like killing all the stupid little pukes that were throwing spitballs across my seat at each other.

Okay...think calming thoughts...sigh...naked Angel...naked Spike...oh yummy.

More later.


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Sunday, November 25, 2001  

Yay! It was probably just SPHosting experiencing some down time. I got the new panel up and it looks awesome, 'cept the font is being screwy and I can fix that later. I'm hunting for ideas for Midnight Echo, which will be the name of my collective site. I just realized this has got to be the longest blogger entry in the history of the world. I've been posting all day long. So I'm going to shut up until tomorrow sometime.

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Grr... Sphosting is driving me nuts...or maybe it's just my slow as hell computer, but I can't get in to change the right panel of my website. Sigh...maybe it's one of those days when nothing is going to listen to me. I watched the Princess Bride today, I love that movie, it's sooo sweet. Really a work of art. Ugh...so that nifty little update of me spending hours redoing the page won't be seen until later, or possibly tomorrow when I can use my school's much nicer brand of internet. Home for the holidays sucks sometimes.

Oh wait, Trig is tomorrow...never mind, home = good.

Hope you all appriciate my effort and insanity. Please sign my guestbook!

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Almost forgot the basics...

Your Eyes is currently hosting about 57 stories by 11 authors and counting.

I am such a spaz...those that know me will totally agree with that statement.

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Maybe I'm not a total blonde after all...I fixed my stupid mistake.

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Okay, maybe this thing hates me like so many of the other neato things out there. I can't get it to change templates...sigh...oh well. I'll check back in later.

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Wow...okay...I kept hearing and seeing these thingies so I thought I'd try it out 'cause I'm sick of the whole look of my updating crap. We'll see how this goes later. You all know that I have updated the layout of Your Eyes, added a new author, a few links, and the next three parts of Papillon Nuit. Okaybe....I'm gonna surf a while longer on my nice and free weekend. Oooh....somebody please sign my guestbook! I have ONE ENTRY!


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