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Saturday, December 08, 2001  

Jesus Christ! I spent all day adding 26 new fics and fixing 4 other ones. Below is a complete list of new and/or edited stories.

Meteor Rain - Phoebe

Here Always - Kaylen

Cuts Like Glass - Starla
Fragile Mind, Gentle Spirit - Starla

Immortal Dilemma – Richard Ruth
Who Wants To Live Forever – Richard Ruth
Legacy of Damnation – Richard Ruth
Dancing On the Head of a Pin – Richard Ruth

Mending Wounds - Jo

How Can He? – Duchess Leetje
Truly Yours – Duchess Leetje
Do You Remember? – Duchess Leetje
Misleading Invitation – Duchess Leetje
Finding Peace – Duchess Leetje
True Love Never Dies – Duchess Leetje

Love Of a Lifetime - Jill wrote all of these from here on down
Piece Of My Heart
Midnight Angel
Midnight Whispers
Midnight Rainbow
Midnight Hour
Midnight Memory
Midnight Protector
Midnight Letter
Midnight Encounters
Midnight Eyes
Midnight Lovers
Midnight Kiss
Midnight Song
Midnight Rose

I'm going to take a break from this and write my own stuff now. So those of you that were wondering where my stuff went, I was busy doing this.


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Friday, December 07, 2001  

Ugh...sniffle...I've been wretchedly sick with the plague.

But I've got five authors who will let me put their wonderful stuff on my piece of crap site, so I'm going to have a massive update this weekend I think. Jill's Midnight series, a couple by Starla, um....Meteor Rain, Here Always, Leonie's stuff.

I got out of school 20 minutes early today because we're hosting a basketball tournament there...which was cool, I guess since instead of waiting for the damn bus, I got a ride with a friend...

Um...I'll let you know when the new stuff goes up.


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Wednesday, December 05, 2001  

So...today was way neat. James let me wear his watch around today. He's so sweet. Then he helped me on this poster, and all this other nice stuff happened today, I'm in in a happy mood. Um...not much else to say today except I STILL haven't finished my BPA stuff, and it's due tomorrow morning. God...and my partner didn't show up today, and i can't do anything without him, and so I'm pissed at him, though I know he was really sick.


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Tuesday, December 04, 2001  

Liz and Chessie will probably kill me if I don't report my day finally...so I'm going to start posting now.

Okay, my day was very funny. Yesterday we found something that was bashing Harry Potter on the net and I printed it out and litered the school with it. But then James was screaming down the hall ways to safely burn witches, which is slightly offensive, but he apologized later. William was being a pill, and so was AJ and Alex. They were like all copying me during math today...sigh men are stupid. I've got a little harem of men friends who all make me laugh so much. James C. was going around showing this picture of him at a party where he was rather...ahem...indecent. All I can say is that he's got quite a nice package. *g*

Um...Jill and others gave me permission to post their fic, and I've got a new one from Starla that I'm HTML'ing, so the next update should be HUGE and this weekend. I'm also working on a very TOP SECRET fic that I'm looking for a title for, so if anyone has any suggestions, lemme know.

By the by, just so you all know, James Schistler looks like a penguin in his McDonald's uniform.

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Monday, December 03, 2001  

'Nother short post today. Not much happened except I got into a huge fight with James about Wicca, Witches and evil things. I'm sure it was quite amusing to our friends at the table, 'cause it almost came to blows (figuratively). Um....then I called other James Kassi, which is like this demon person that no one likes at my school...that was kinda funny for a while. I'm gonna go now, and attempt to get a more interesting life. Sorry to those of you avid readers at home who liked me the way I was...I feel the need for a change.

Maybe I won't irritate everyone with talking of James...nah that'd be too hard, and weird.


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Sunday, December 02, 2001  

Small site update to Your Eyes, I added Budge by Starla and Chapter One of In A Not too Distant Future... by Midnight Echo. I hope to have some new authors by next week....but we'll see how things go.


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Wooohooo! That concert was the kicks! My parents finally gave in and let me use the car for the night. Not that there was a whole lot of original music going on, it was local bands, but it was awesome! I have a newfound respect for The Green Hornets and Skatter. They worked really hard and pulled off a fabu performance. I didn't get in until about one, but I had a blast. AJ brought in his cousin, who is by the by extremely short. 'Cept every time I tried to get his attention, I guess he couldn't hear me.

It was foggy coming home, so that sucked, 'cause I'm not the best night time driver, and this just made it so much worse on top of the fact I got a little bit sick. The car sucks anyway, the doors don't open very well, and I wound up breaking a nail way down when I was trying to open mine. Ended up having to crawl in through the hatchback. Hope we get that fixed soon....

No site updates today, not in the mood, I'm too happy. See you later!


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