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Saturday, January 05, 2002  

Happy New Year Everyone! Well...I made it through the holidays without killing my family....and I got a car. Wow. And now onto the site updates....

Changed a few formats of some pages...

Added a few more Cast Bios

Updated/Added the following pieces of Fiction:

Here Always by Kaylen
Meteor Rain by Phoebe
Hopeful Season by Cynamin
Sheesh by Jill
Sheesh Times Two by Jill
Sheesh The Final Chapter by Jill
Midnight Wishes by Jill
In A Not Too Distant Future... by Midnight Echo

Added a fiction awards section for the archive, nominate your favorites today.

Fixed the Submit Fiction page

In the process of adding/fixing:

Author Profiles section
Fiction by Title
Fiction by Rating
Fiction by Pairing

Current Site Stats:

Stories: 102
Authors: 18
Artists: 3
Members: 17
Links: 25
Affiliates: 2

That should be all for the next two weeks or so. My guestbook is also working, so I'd appriciate it if anyone who drops by can take
the time to fill it out.

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