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Tuesday, February 19, 2002  

Haven't posted for a while 'cause my new site has more of my sarcasms on it. Here's what I've been up to over the last few days.

February 19th, 2002

In the end...sleep won the great battle between me and the flashing banner. Sufficed to say I conked out on the computer keyboard that night, never to fight again. Partially because my younger siblings came home and bougarted the computer time. I'm now at school, where the screen resolution is so large that I can't see either of the banners, so I am at peace with the internet advertising world.

Liz and I are searching for affordable domain hosting, or rather I am and her wonderful mother is willing to put it on her credit card. I may have found one, so probably by the end of March I'll have my very own .org. As in www.psycho-blondes.org, yay for us. Trick is, the one I found accepts only annual payments, so I've got to come up with like 30 or 40 dollars to fit my half of the normal fee plus extra subdomains 'cause most of them are mine. ONE of my web pages takes up 18MB, which is like a lot of space, I'm guessing, God, I don't know. It's not much on my computer, but in the net world it's clearly different. Anyway, got to run, it's almost time for my next block of class to begin, so hence the running before they catch me on the big bad computer.

Funny to learn what you can get a school to pay for if you phrase it right. Hello, I'm in my insanely expensive computer repair class. It's major fun, and I get to play with computer parts. I love destroying things, so this was a perfect class for me 'cause shop was full.

Have you ever read the labels on the fancy bottles of water like Evian? How they say all that crap about the purest waters from a virgin stream? You know it's just Mexican sewer water that they cleaned out and left the chemicals to add flavor. I told that to Luke today at lunch, and he took one look at the water he was drinking and spit it out. Though, I mean how realistic can those things be anyway? Big factories with perfect streams nearby? I don't think so!

I got this site submitted and accepted to a banner exchange called Scribe, which is run by the lovely people over at Ficgoddess.com. Which is cool, 'cause this site is kinda plain. I'm still working on it. Hell, it's only been up for three days, and already it's more done than all of my sites at that stage. The only site I've technically finished in Your Eyes, which is kinda misnomer, 'cause it's an ongoing project.

Have you ever sat there and counted how many times guys refer to a car as either beautiful or a female? Excuse me, but I don't get how a hunk of rust, metal and plastic can be anything more than functional. I mean there are cars that are neat looking, but beautiful? That's just gotta be some guy ego thing.

I'm extremely tired and annoyed with people today, so I'm not going to talk too much. My father's an asshole, my sisters are bitches, and no one will give me money to go buy the clothes I need. I bid you fine viewers adieu until the next time I've got an over abundance of free time.

Eleni Angel

February 18th, 2002

Today will be an on going process, and now it's just after midnight and I realized that the clock rolled over and I can now make fun of some bugs that Liz was talking about. She says they're like mutant bugs, enlarged and evolved from those we have here in the midwest. To that I say she should have seen some of the weird ass stuff I saw on my trip to Jamaica, including the tree that was poisonous and the man with the rather large...ahem...barrel.

You have absolutely no idea how irritating that flashy banner thing is, especially since it's probably not running at the bottom of your editing screen and screwing up your night vision. I don't think that I'm going to leave this thing alone, but Liz thinks that eventually the banner will defeat me. Bah! Has she no faith in my whininess? I once convinced a teacher to cut a final grade in half because 'we had no warning of our portfolio's significance'. I'm a tad evil.

Okay, I'm incredibly sleep deprived, and so I'm going to go night night in my comfy womfy beddy by. Zzzzz.

Many hours of sleep later I wake with a migrane you wouldn't believe. Hmm...must be God's way of telling me that I shouldn't have yelled at him about my dog in the end of this page. Oh well, I really don't care too much. More likely it's a weather front, I swear my head's like a friggin' barometer.

I'm halfway through writing Chapter Ten of Hero, and that's when I realized I haven't updated it on the site in like forever, so I'm aiming to do that, as well as put up some more of my fiction on this site instead of Your Eyes, where most of it is now. It's a quite interesting twist I'm working on, thrown at my like a little chew toy by Liz, so she's to blame...no not really, I could have refrained from it. Oh poor Buffy....bad Darla...and that's all I'm gonna say for now.

Neat little tidbit for those of you who are reading The Blood Moon Sage by Midnight Echo, she just gave me the prologue of book two, and it's a doozy, very long. So expect that you get a treat from her within the week...oh no wait, I'm going to have to push that back 'cause I remember she's coming to Salina with me, so make that next week. Sorry guys...

I've got so many ongoing fics that if I stop right now and don't start any more new ones until their done, I believe I should have them ready and done by the end of the year...heh...I'm too scatter brained that might not work. Signing off again, girl's gotta go shopping sometime...bye.

Eleni Angel

February 17th, 2002

Oh dear God I started another site. Don't worry, this isn't one of my endless projects, it's just my personal archive so that I have somewhere to put all my nonBuffy stuff. Oh quelle horror, something that doesn't have to do with Buffy... lol... Well Buffy stuff and all my fanart will go here too someday. Yay for me!

Look at me, I'm being sarcastic, and this archive hasn't even opened to the public yet. You all can see what kind of life I've got. I just go around making sardonic comments with my enlarged vocabulary while peasants sit there and stare at me in awe. Look, there I go again mocking the very people that make me feel special, so I should stop now. And I'll try to be nice.

So let's think about who makes me feel special...well there's always Liz, she doesn't treat me like a moron and that damn WINNER sign on SPHosting is going to give me a seizure...rapidly flashing red banners cannot be good for the human senses. What are they trying to do? Hypnotize me into clicking on their sponser? I'd just as soon hit the 'x' and get the heck outta Dodge.

Ooops...I slipped...bad me. I'm like one of those loud obnoxious people that never shuts up, but can always manage to piss more people off in fifteen minutes than that whole Bush/Gore election did in two weeks. Lucky me again. Oooh...I turned off the graphics on my computer...the poor ads people are going to go into shock if one person doesn't have a coniption fit out of 6 billion others when they see the flashing red banner.

It's like when I went to look at some pictures of Charisma Carpenter, whom is really strange to me right now for putting up with all this 'St. Cordy' crap on A:ts at the moment, but she's actually probably loving all the attention and adoring dialogue. But back to the story, I click on the page and it loads some pretty skanky pics, in two or three of them, her ass is hanging out, and in almost all of them you can see her poorly chosen tattoos. I mean really, who wants the permanent inking of a buncha beads on your wrist? What happens when you get all old and wrinkly? That's gonna be gross.

Ugh, speaking of gross, I made this mistake of turning the graphics back on to take a preview of this page, big mistake. When I got back I saw a cool blue picture of some chick and the invitation to get to know Anna without having to pay for it. Since when does a company that demands no pornography from it's users show soft porn like that? And oh god now that WINNER sign is a rotating rainbow...I think I'm going blind!

Save and check again, but now I'm gonna cry, they're telling me that simple sells...what the fuck?? Advertising is all about having flashy ads that catch people's attention. The only ones with 'simple' ads are Mom & Pop stores in small towns who are really just running it out of sheer boredom in retirement so it doesn't matter if they can't sell crap. Okay, well I'm going to go now before I'm forced to apply for a job at Television Without Pity. Talk to ya later!

Eleni Angel


That's for those of you who've been following. :) I'm headed up to Salina on Thursday, so expect big things from me the weekend after if I don't get off my lazy ass and get a job like I should.


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