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Saturday, March 09, 2002  

I didn't win a Halo...sniffle...sniffle...Oh well there's always the summer awards and a few others that I can apply for. Don't really care though. I made my site, and I do my fiction because it pleases me and not because I want to be recognized for it, even though it feels nice to know that people enjoy it. I added a few of Tango's fics, and I'm planning on adding the rest on Monday, along with their summaries, I just kinda ran out of time...not that it makes a difference.

Anyway, I've got more assessments this week, so I don't know how often I'll be able to write my fics. Spring Break will be a big help though.

More later.

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Tuesday, March 05, 2002  

I've tried a couple times to post here since the last time, but I keep getting kicked off, so here's another try. Much has happened lately, mostly to the effect of that James has another girlfriend, I'm having surgery in a few months, and I'm so completely burnt out from school that it's not even funny. I keep working on my fics, but life is just a pain in the ass. I don't know what I'd do without my friends.

I don't know how many people actually read this, so I'm kinda guessing it's more of a 'letting Amy vent' type of thing. There's going to be about a good solid month where I won't be able to see very well, so I don't know what I'm going to do about my stuff then. Vision is kind of important to typing at the moment. My dad doesn't seem to think so, though. He groans about paying this every time I bring it up like he doesn't realize how much that hurts my feelings that he doesn't want me to see better. He has the goddamned money, he just wants to use it on toys and the latest in technology for his new family. God knows my health and mental well being isn't important enough.

And he had the nerve to ask my why I don't appriciate the effort he's shown. Well bow down to the man who complains about feeding and clothing me and my brother. He wonders why I get irritated every time he brings up the child support thing. It's not that I want to take sides in the whole thing, though I do believe that if he had us, he's responsible for paying for us. I just don't want to get dragged in the middle between him and mom, and he doesn't seem to get that. Dinners with him are getting harder, 'specially without Bryan to act as a barrier so we don't get into yet another arguement.

I'm thinking about starting another blogger to post pieces of my work as they get finished, like paragraphs and stuff like that of multiple stories. Or doing an online story that keeps going on like a webisode...if you get what that means, 'cause I'm not sure why I said it. This site is blocked at school, so I wouldn't have any clue when I could update it, but I'm not in the caring mode at the moment.

This thing is so much easier than writing things down in a journal, and people get to hear me whine this time. Anyway, going away for the moment, I'll talk to whoever reads this later.

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