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Thursday, April 04, 2002  

Sorry for the lack of speak. I've been busy preparing for the ACTs and for Prom, both of which are in the next two weeks. I'm going crazy trying to keep everything together. I'm lucky if I get to write a paragraph a night before I crash into exhausted sleep. Hero is a little more slow coming because I'm unsure of the direction in which I'm taking it. I want to have at least thirty parts, ya know, to get them to a really safe place where they can settle down and plant roots for their families. It's a little difficult to add in all of the subplots that I put in there, which I'm wondering why I did in the first place. There's of course, the whole Forest thing, and the Darla thing, and the Nazi thing. That's just one of like six stories that I'm writing at the moment. Most of them are AU, which is cool on it's own baisis.

I don't think I'm getting the new computer that I want, even though the person came down on the price again...it's almost insane not to buy it unless you're poor little me, and I have absolutely no money right now. What I wouldn't give for two hundred bucks.

Ugh...sucky life. Hope yours is better,


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