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Wednesday, May 01, 2002  

I've got a few more chapters ready to go for Hero, and my computer finally got fixed, but I'm not going to send them out because I'm not really feeling up to it. I'm having surgery on Tuesday, and I'll need a few days to recover from that. Plus I'll be happier when I can finally go back on my migrane medications. I had to go off of them because a few of them would cause problems during the procedure. One of them is a blood thinner, which wouldn't be good to have me bleed to death. Another has efedrine(sp?) in it, which is just like a legal crack, I would guess from how weird it makes me feel. There's another that slows down my blood circulation, and I don't like to take it anyway, so that's no skin off my back. But the only damned thing I can take for a headache is Tylenol, which wouldn't be awful if it were at all effective on me, which it's not, so I'm pissy.

Got to go work on my English paper, it's going oh so slowly, and I need to have it done by Friday. I think, Hiebert won't tell us when it's due.

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