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Sunday, May 12, 2002  

Ever realize that there simply isn't enough time in one day to complete the things that are due tomorrow? I've been living twenty-three hour days trying to get all of my work done before school gets out, and even then I don't get a break. I've got to do a summer session of College Algebra to satisfy my stupid graduation requirements. It's not my freaking fault that the school district I moved to won't count a few credits because I sat for them while I was in middle school, even if they were at a high school campus.

I'm in the middle of writing serveral pieces of fiction, The Last Silver Unicorn, The Summers Project, Steal Away Home, Hero, Twilight's Promise, and quite a few others. I've got ideas for several others, but I'm trying to finish some of the others before I begin anew. I've even got designs on my very own virtual season, but there've been great big delays in the form of school and my real world life.

Star Wars opens in a few days, and I'm in an overdrive of a count down. There are four graduations to attend this month, as well as me having to enroll for the telecourse, and on top of that finding a job so I can buy a ticket to New Orleans to see Liz this summer. One of these days I'll have my own computer on a DSL connection and my very own domain. But that day's not for a long time right now, I'm kind of busy doing other things.

Dinotopia is on ABC, and Alias has already hit its season finale. Sometimes things like that suck, especially when they introduce a show like Wolf Lake and then tell us that they're probably not going to let it go more than a few episodes. And then there's the FOX company who are cancelling everything but stupid Boston Public, That 80's Show, ect. Anyway, I'm going to shut up now and go somewhere else, I'm starting to strain my eyes, and that's not a good thing. Bye for now!

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