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Sunday, June 30, 2002  

This is how addicted to the internet I am. I sneak away constantly to get on my aunt's computer because I'm in love with her DSL system. Actually, that's probably just the fact that we've got the slowest computer on earth and so on. My mother keeps insisting that this is a *Vacation*, which to her means that there's not adjenda, but unfortunately for her, I'll bet that someone creates one of some kind. Right now, my sisters are either swimming or watching Harry Potter for the fifth time in a row. We tried to watch A Beautiful Mind last night, but we all got bored because we were too wired for a serious movie at the moment. We'd probably like it a lot better if there weren't giggling children right in front of the screen. Me, since I missed most of the beginning, I just kind of got up and walked away. Anyway, I'm going to go back downstairs now, either that or check my other e-mails. God knows how many of those I've missed in the last 24hrs.

posted by Eleni | 10:41 AM