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Saturday, July 20, 2002  

Okay, well I'm alive...sorry for the non post. I just finished another Act in The Summers Project and have posted it to minimal feedback. What happened to all the people who said that they wanted me to post more? Sniffle, I'm feeling unloved. I do know, that sometimes people don't check their e-mail all that often, but still it's nice to hear anything back at all.

I'm debating how wise it is to keep posting at fanfiction.net because there are so many dumb B/S posting on there to wade through that it drives me nuts. I can hardly guess that anyone could ever find my work, much less care about it by the time they do. It's just disturbing how many people can just chuck out a piece of fiction without even hitting the spell check first, or mispell the names of main characters. It's even those who post in their own form of slang that gives most of us a headache to try and interperete. The overuse of the vowel 'u' is what is becoming of our youth and it's driving me batty. Sigh...I suppose there's not much I can do, so I'll forebear. But I really hate having to sift through all of the damned people that break my list rules to get to the good things. The one liners, the people who feedback on the list, the dumb spam. I'm going nuts looking at all of that crap.

Sigh, anyway, I'm going to be in New Orleans with Liz August 5th, through the 11th, so I probably won't have time to finish my stories before school starts again. Like it matters, the people who read them don't really care about Buffy anymore either, so what's the point?

More later.

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