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Saturday, September 21, 2002  

EEEEEP! It's been over two months. I guess that's what happens when you live in a hell hole of a town in Kansas. My whole family is driving me up the wall with college crap. My mother signed me up for a scholarship that I don't even qualify for, and nearly burst into tears when I told her so. It took me four weeks to get Steven to stop calling me four times a night on the cell phone I can't afford, and Liz's computer is broken, so I hardly get to talk to her.

Jesus, I need a night out on the town. But me not getting along with hardly anyone in this little podunk town, kind of puts a damper on me calling someone up or going to some of their retarded keg parties. I swear these people drink like fish. None of them even care if they get caught, I mean it's not like the cops are going to do anything. The whole fucking town is so inbred that they're all related.

Things I never thought I'd ever say:
1.) I'm over my James obsession
2.) I don't hate Crossroads w/ Brittany Spears...God only knows why
3.) I think I'm in love with Bryan Barton

Why is it that when people find out that you're in the tech aide program and that you happen to know your way around a computer, that they think you're a guy? I'm the only fucking girl in the program, and I get all of the shitty assignments like cleaning printers and ghosting computers onto the fucking network. Seth's the one that gets to rebuild computers, and Jimmy gets to go around and help him tear them apart. Adam and I are stuck doing the most mundane of the chores like cleaning little kid snot off of the CD-ROMs over at the elementary school. He's become very skilled with using the CD-R drive on the multimedia machine.

I'm so totally starting to rethink a degree in Engineering. No one will ever take me seriously. All I really want to do is to design websites and create graphics for people. I'd completely love to be able to do advertising campaigns and stuff like that. I could even be a journalism major. Just sucks ass to have so many different interests in so many different areas. I can count on one hand the number of people that I've let know that I was a concert viola player my freshman and middle school years, even going back all the way to elementary school. I love classical music, Vivaldi's Four Seasons stirs something so deep inside me that I have no profound explaination for it.

I just watched a huge barrage of movies....The Sweetest Thing, The Count of Monte Cristo, Blade II, We Were Soldiers, Domestic Distrubance, and all that. I work at a freaking groccery store, there's not much else to do here anyway, so I just kind of grab a movie on my way out and then I'm done with it. God I'm boring. I need a fucking life.

I've just gotten a fabulous idea for a fanfic, but I'm trying so hard not to start another project until my other like ninety-nine are finished, beta'ed and posted on my website. But god, I'm such a slut for a good story idea. Someone had one where Angelus was a porno star, and I don't think I'm going to be able to help myself from taking the challenge.

EEEP! Anyway, I've said too much. Sufficed to say that Hero will be done in a matter of days, depending on when I can get my lazy ass up and inspired to write the grusome ending. I'm going to be so sad when it's over...I'm always depressed when they're done, I means I don't get to play with them anymore. I hate writing sequels, but sometimes that's the reason why I do.

Anyway, I'll try to write more later, I'll sort of explain what it is that's trying to go on in my mind and just let it go as it happens.

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