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Wednesday, November 06, 2002  

Okay, well the reasoning behind my insane hour of posting is that I'm supposed to be working on my nanowrimo novel, but I'm procrastinating. Seeing as how almost every time in the last two weeks or so that I tried to post on this thing, something screwed up and I lost the entire message, most of them were quite long and I just got so fed up and said "forget it."

Work is an absolute hell on earth, and my house is starting to get the same way. How many more months 'til I move out again? Dave keeps overdrawing his checking account, which makes my mother angry when we get collection letters and their credit is getting shot to hell. He's also incredibly rude to her sometimes, and tends to blame his girls' faults on me and my brother. Which is completely unbalanced because they were fucked up before they came to live here, and when and if Bryan and I both move out, who the hell is he going to blame these things on then? Becky and Amber, the ever mooches will probably live at home until they're thirty-five because they don't understand that to have things in this world, you must work for them. You can't always go whining to "daddy" and expect to get your way.

I mean really, Becky is always asking for new things that she sees on TV and decides that she needs, mom'll remind her that we can't afford it, and Dave will back her, but when we're not around, or a couple days later, she'll show up with the thing that she wanted and you know that Dave caved and bought it for her. It's going to be a shocking realization when they find out that they can't ever get a car because their father taught them to be spoiled brats who can't stay within their budget.

Ask Becky what she wants, and she'll name things that cost hundreds and thousands of dollars that we don't have, and probably will never get with the way that things are going. I don't think that any of them understand how hard it's going to be for me to get through college, because we (my family) have no money at all. Grr...

Anyway, new layout on Your Eyes and PTD, working on new layouts for them again for when I finish up Hero in a couple of weeks. It's been put on the back burner for nanowrimo, which I've fallen in love with.

Sigh...back to writing. I'll post here again as soon as I can.

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