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Saturday, November 23, 2002  

This is the sound of Amy falling off the face of the earth.


Anyway, in order to not have this turn into a serious rant about work, school, and my family, which I have been informed that these subjects take over my entire blog lately...I have sort of decided that I'm just going to talk about stuff that I actually give a hoot about.

I'm still in love with my new computer, but lately I've been too busy to even use it. All these dumb college applications and visits to get stuff that I'll need next fall. Boooooooooooooooring anway.

I'm so in love with Sheryl Crow's song I Shall Believe... They played it on Alias last week, and it was amazing. Also the song Slumber My Darling with Alison Krauss and Yo Yo Ma was pretty awesome too. The episode was a bit of a nail biter...I couldn't believe that they were making us think they'd kill Vaughn off...

I mean, first off, he's the hottest thing on television right now, and a blessedly good actor. I love the whole idea of a Sydney/Vaughn relationship. But then they had to go and throw the girlfriend thing in our faces...grr...

I wound up dropping out of nanowrimo, I have no such things as free time. Senior year is becoming hell. At least I get out in about six months, graduation is this awesome thing that's looming in the distance.

Been watching all kinds of movies when I get the chance, I'm going to be watching Bridget Jones's Diary in a minute, but I figured I'd get on the internet before I feel into a zombie type sleep. Mr. Deeds is all right, but Adam's other movies are better. Did anyone catch the Star Wars ref in Reign of Fire? It took me a couple of minutes...

I did by the AOTC DVD, which was neat because I found it at K-Mart for like half of what the others are selling it for. Guess you really can find stuff there that isn't horrible. I feel sorry that they're going out of business...

I'm going to a campus visit at Friends on Monday, for which the school is giving me the day off - even though my appointment's at three... Go figure.

Thanksgiving's coming up...my aunt and uncle are coming in from Dallas, which is really cool, because they're bringing the baby. I've always said I'll never have kids, but Casey is an all right girl. She's really funny, she swoons when she gets excited... :)

Anyway, I hope everyone has a nice holiday, I'll probably not post until after...

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