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Thursday, June 26, 2003  

There's a new level of seething hatred that I've reached when I now think of Dave and the horrible things that he's done to my mother, and her self esteem. He knew that she had doubts when they got together, hell we'd all been through two other rather tumoltuous relationships and she wasn't sure she wanted to start a third. But he promised that he was different, and he lied. Sufficed to say that my life has been a living hell between harvest and work...

But I'll be moving into college pretty soon, and away from all the drama of small town life.

I should probably fix my website soon, but oh well. I'm not really in the mood to write much any more, I don't really have the time. I've got nibblers for about three new stories and some old ones that seriously need to be finished before I begin to think about new ones. My goal is to have YE back up and Hero finished by the time I go to school in August, and hopefully I can start in on some other back logs as well.

posted by Eleni | 4:33 PM